Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X 8.0

Plagiarism detector for students, teachers and bloggers

In order to check if your original content has been plagiarized anywhere on the Web or the level of originality of a certain text-based content, Plagiarism Checker X can do all the revision work for you in seconds. You can opt to check entire documents or selected paragraphs, check them against the entire Web or perform an offline side-by-side comparison. The program will highlight any coincidences and will produce a detailed report with all the results and a pie-chart graphic stating its level of originality.

The program offers you three ways of checking selected content for plagiarism – Online Plagiarism, Side by Side Comparison, and Bulk Search. Though the functionality they offer is very similar, not all options work in the same way. I’m sure that there’s a great deal of programming logic behind what to me – as a user – are but functional inconsistencies, but it simply escapes me. I can’t understand why if I want to check a text larger than a few lines I’m asked to import an external document into the program instead of just pasting the text into the interface. Apparently, the paragraph in question cannot exceed 250 characters, and all characters exceeding that figure will be ignored. Pasting text is not at all possible, however, in the side-by-side option, where – despite the text saying “Paste your content here” – the only way of loading text into one of the panels is by importing a text file. The program can also check the online content of a given website by entering its URL.

Leaving aside these minor differences, the beauty of Plagiarism Checker X is in its checking work, its processing speed, and the accuracy and thoroughness of the results. When checking for online plagiarism you can let the program decide which search engine is best for your query or choose between Google and Bing. Either way, the program will break your text into smaller pieces and will give you an exhaustive report of the percentage of similarity found for each piece and the URL of the offending page. The program will also write a full report stating the total level of plagiarism found, its sources, the word count, and the verdict, and display a pie-chart graphic with the ratio of plagiarized vs. original text. The Side by Side Comparison is useful to check for similarities between two texts and see all coincidences at a glance, as all plagiarized text is conveniently highlighted for quick identification. Finally, the Bulk Search option will let you compare a text file to other files (One to Many), various files to a different set of files (Many to Many), and any number of files against each other (Cross Comparison).

Useful not only in the academic or the literary worlds, Plagiarism Checker X is a professional tool that anyone can use to check for originality in whatever context where content matters. Its ease of use, the elegance of its interface design and the written reports it produces, and – above all – the high level of accuracy of its results make this tool a must for writers, journalists, teachers, human resources managers, and anyone interested in checking the authenticity of a given text document.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Supports all text-based document types
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Highlighted matches
  • Produces originality reports


  • No text paste option for large content or for side-by-side comparisons
  • Limited to Google and Bing search engines
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